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Brunton Omni-Slope Inclinometer
Brunton Omni-Slope InclinometerBrunton Omni-Slope Inclinometer

Brunton Omni-Slope Inclinometer

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About Brunton

The ultimate forestry instrument, the Omni-slope inclinometer measures angles in degrees, percent grade and the 66 foot forestry chain. The lightweight aluminum housing lends years of field reliability, and the precision pendulum give fast and accurate readings weather you're gauging the height of a tree, measuring avalanche danger, or judging the pitch of a cave.

Brunton is committed to making the most reliable and accurate navigation instruments on the planet. As durable precision instruments that undergo constant and often rigorous use in the field, in order to maintain their accuracy and integrity, they simply need to be fixed up from time to time; just as you would tune your car or bike. Brunton offers full repair and refurbishment facilities for most models. We appreciate your kind understanding.


  • Illuminated Readout: Light piping gives a clear bright readout even in lowlight
  • Precision Pendulum: Fast, accurate, smooth, dead-on. 180 degree range
  • All-In-One Scales: Degrees, percent grade, forestry chain, 1 degree resolution
  • 1 Degree Resolution
  • Made in the USA


  • Overall dimensions: 2.5" x 3.5" x0.5" (6.3 x 8.8 x 1.3 cm)
  • Weight: 11.8 oz. (335 grams)

No matter wherever, whenever or however you use a Brunton Product, if you break it, we'll fix or replace it. So treat every product like it's indestructible because, as far as YOU are concerned, it is.

At Brunton, our passion for the outdoors is carried over into our daily tasks and is easily recognized through the innovative and professional grade products we bring to the market. We offer an opportunity to work with a diverse and creative team who appreciate the outdoor culture.


In 1894, D.W. Brunton created the Pocket Transit: a compact, precision compass that freed outdoorsmen from the bulky equipment of the time, and set the course we still follow: never accept, never settle. Our home and headquarters in Riverton, Wyoming, at the foot of the Wind River range, is both inspiration and proving ground for products created to that creed, made for those who overcome and achieve. The drive to excel changed everything back in 1894; it matters more today.

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